The year is almost over and time keep's on signaling me that i'm getting old. So doing something totaly not typical to myself I actually listened and got some medical care for an injury I was carring along for 4 years, And now I am in a slow process of recovering .
On the bright side I started training in Kenjotsu , a thing I wanted to do for a long time. This is done along side to me training in Aikido and Iaido ,I've also talked to Linor and she agreed that I will Return to my Karate training slowly some where around Febuery . I miss the andrenalin of the training , but my main Martial art now is the Aikido so the Karate will be only once a week.


Like every year Gaelcon came at long last , and after a long political struggle in the office I purchased a last minute tickets to Ireland.
This will be a short trip and one in which at the end Ill have to stop for a work day in London .
The convention it self was like a great dream ,I played a 3 day game run and written by The LARP God -Nick Huggins and Brian Nesbit.
There where times were I thought I know what was going on and I was so wrong and in times I was so lost I just sat back and let the others do all the hard work . The charity Auction was a Hugh thing as always , The XO brandy we brought was sold for 750 Euro.
Also we were offeBLACK a two VIP tickets with flights included to Warpcon for the sum of 1000 Euros - We took it ,now I need to get the days off from work and we are SO there .

On the way back I bought a bottle of scotch for Uri and managed to conquer my urge to spend stupid amounts of money on things I don't need.
A day after we came back it was Hagai and Noami's wedding , you can read all about it in linor's report here
The week after I had a flight to Athens [Greece] , I was there for three day for a job I could have finished in less .
The customer decided to do a Firewall replacement during the working day and that prevented us from working from 11:15 till we left at 17:00. The next day wasn't much better but fortunately it's over and done .
Next trip will be to Guyana which should be interesting .

4/06/2004 I just quit IBM

and staring to work in a small company called m-Wise where Ill be working system and integration - meaning Ill be back to pure IT and not just computer babysitting .

09/04/2004 we just got back from visiting

the in-laws in Washington D.C , the time was fun , and I got to spend some money on things and books I wanted . I was forced to buy a pair of shoes (the wife insisted :- ) ) but I don't mind .

The Principle of No reaction

is an article I wrote for my Aikido Dojo magazine I had some thoughts about publishing it in some Martial arts magazine or website , but I feel insecure in the work I did in there although my instructor said it's a very strong ,deep and profound understanding into Aikido and martial arts in general.

9/1/2004 This Friday we added a new member

to the mad house - his name is Tenchi and he is a K9 , We think he is a mixed breed of Siberian Husky ,Labrador and some other breed but we are not certain.