16/12/09 First snow for the winter

The morning started with a subtle tempeture of -3 C , and not long after we got out of the house the snow arrived .So i'll gues we'll have a white X-mess.

26/09/09 Redletter day

This weekend I went on my Red Letter day ,Red Letter Day is a company that provide special interest gifts , and Linor bought me one for the Wedding Anniversery ,the Sports Car Treasure Hunt.
I was very excited about this and hoped to get have the car I realy wanted to drive ,the Aston Martin DB6.
When I arrived to the meeting place in the morning , the cars were all in the parking lot lined side by side .
The DB6 in Silver gray , Ferrari 328 in the custom red, Hot rod red Jaguar E-type convertiable , Lotus Elise in cobalt blue ,HMC and a TVR !

After the morning briefing and the teaming up (we were two people in each car) we went down to the parking lot and headed to the cars , to my joy our first car of the day was the DB6.
It was the only car in the lot that had and automatic gear box (and a good thing too as we has to navigate out of london with it), It is a BIG car and it feels massive to drive , although as you sit in it you can feel the grandure of it and people in the trafic light stare and ask questions about the car.
Almost all the meters didn't work, the two important ones (fuel and speed) had some functionality, the fuel was accurate while the "speedometer" was functioning more along the way of a "guessometer": the needle was jumping all over the scale one second it will show 60 and then jump to 180 and instantly swing all the way back to 0 , so we cruised along the motoreway letting cars pass us by , easy rider style.

12/09/09 Back on land

We just got off the ship and finished the cruise , the best thing about the cruise was the Gym , open from 6AM till 10PM and i usd it many times Especially the steam room , just sit down and sweat for 30-40 minutes , FUN.
Now , after the dinner i am sitting and sorting out all my accumilated emails.
The new camera is a real joy , i am still learning to use it properly , but i am getting better at it and i think i might be able to post some of them online eventually (don't hold your breath though).

06/09/09 my gift to myself

In my persuit to upgrade my camera ( the old Nikon D50 ) I searched and studied many cameras and in the end decided to forget about it since all were out of my price range .
Since all monetary expenditures relate to how much i can get away with before the baby arrives , and since all of the ones i wanted were more then a 1000$ in price i had to drop the issue.
As luck would have it i ran across an ebay sell of a D200 and i won it in a very cheap price , so now i am a new owner of a D200 , which when i compare to my D50 is a world of difference.
Not that i am complaining , but it feels like i will need to learn how take pictures from scratch - Man i miss the regular Analog SLR world ( cameras which i still own and still consider superior - as are humans ).

18/07/09 Surprising myself

I set myself a goal to be able to run 2 Km by the end of the month , not in any world revcored speed ,but just to be able to run the distance . today i got on the threadmill and started watching an episode of farscape while getting ready to run , when i stopped running i saw that i did a 3Km run. i was not exhusted , and there was no in pain in my kneees, so i was very happy and surprised , now i need to see how i can improve on that !!

1/02/09 Snowing london

It's was cold during the weekend ,but the sun was up and everything looked ok , but 18:00 the weather decided it had enough, and it started to snow , and me being me I took the camera and tried to take some pictures of it , this is 4 hours after , the snow has settled nice and white , but is till coming down.

11/1/09 staring 2009:

in order to avoid all the new year and x-mass stuff , i decided long ago to go on a dive safari to siani , which i did , but in the middle of that , the whole mess with the gaza strip started. Don't get me worng , i think we should have done that a long time ago , but it kind of messed up my time on the boat , we were all obssessed about news from home , and that diminshed the fun of the trip. oded has the pictures in his web site.

We now have a cold spell in London , and it has snowed yesterday , but more to it is the fact the the ponds in the park near our flat (hampstead heath) frooze , now any one that knows tenchi , knows he hates water , Ice is a different story it seems.