21/12/2005 Pictures from the Sinai Safari

During yum kippur I went to a Diving Safari in siani , four days on a boat with nothing to do but rest, relax and dive . it would have been perfect if lonir could have joined me but it was close.
i borrowed a camera from a friend and took pictures when we dove, only to find out afterwards that out of 3 rolls of film not one pictures came out . Luckly Shuki brought a Digital camera and took a lot of pictures , yesterday I went to his place and copied them and they are here.


Warpcon is coming close and I just bought the tickets for my flight there .
I'm really excited about doing another Con in Ireland , especially since i've been bugged about coming to Warpcon since 98. I'm not sure that I should do it , you know building the expecations and being let down by it , and gaelcon has been setting a high bar for the last 10 years so ...
Also it's going to my first time traveling to Ireland in Mid winter January in Ireland sounds pretty cold , it should be interseting to see the Blarnny castle with snow and the witches forest ( as magical as it is on a regular day ) with a snow layer , just thinking of it brings up the images that the imagination conjuers from reading the begining of "the lion , the witch and the wardrobe" .


Came back from a two week trip to ireland , bought a new digital camera on my way there and these are the new pictures I made with them . They are rather big in regular size , and this is why I made this thumb gallery. There is one for the Trip. and another for the images from Gaelcon 2005.
Most of the images are yet to be untitled , if anyone wants to contribute a name , by all means send me the idea.


Just saw "Batman Begin" last night and I am having problem deciding if I liked the movie or pissed at the changes they made , first of them is the training , then the number of folks that know the secret , and most annoying is where the F did they come up with that stupid "Rachel" charcter ? what happned to Harvey dent ? And since when Jim Gordon is a Gotham native - he was always some one that was brought in from some other city. The new Batmobile is nice but I prefered the one they had in the first Batman movie.
And in other news - the trip to Scotland has been delayed due to lack of Airline tickets.


I knew Lucas won't let me down . And Star Wars episode 3 was as much crap as I thought it would be. On the up side I will be heading out to Mexico next Sunday on a task of teaching the tech support of the provider we work with about the company's system . it's a nice oppertunity to try and see some of Mexico. Uri and myself are thinking of doing the Scotland Whiskey trail .


I'm in Guyana at long last , and after arriving here I find that there was nothing to look forward to. The country is a thrid world country were 1 US $ is worth 200 of the local currancy . Hotel internet is considered a luxery and most of the houses are made of wood , only the most rich people have cement houses. We planed on going on a trip to kaieteur - which is one of the worlds tallest waterfalls, but on the day of the trip there was a bad weather front above the site and so the flight was canceled . Two day later it hit the city and it was pouring rain and strong winds for 8 hours and a drizzle for another 20 hours .


Well , it's been a while since I wrote anything here and I think it's high time i'll add some stuff. i'll add some pictures from a short trip we did ,also i've finally managed to complete my 100th dive and do some other courses and now I have the ranks of "Master diver" - and it's a lot of crap .
After a long time I finally did my Qyu 3 exam in Aikido and now I wear a brown belt on my Gi .(i'll post pictures of this too later) It's a funny thing since when I got my Brown belt in Karate - I almost never wore it (Same goes for my Black belt) , but this one i'm happy to wear. My personal "Moby Dick" - the trip to guyana I was to go on , has been delayed for the who's_counting time , in that time I managed to spend a week in Samara ( that is in russia) where it was -14 centigrade on avarege. I have some pictures from the place and i'll put those on the site once I get around to it.


Last weekend we went diving in Eilat , a short trip to relax and have some fun underwater , ( when the pictures will be ready i'll post them ) Tonight I fly to greece again , hopefully for the last time , which will mean we got all the problems sorted with this client. Also this means we will miss warpcon again - although we'd love to go.