18/12/2007 New [old] Toy Camera

In 1994 I bought a camera in my trip to the US , it was a vivitar V335 , which was the most convinent camera I've had .I got some great pictures from it ( some are even on this site) and two year after I loaned it to a friend of mine for a trip. On the day of his flight someone broke to his office and stole his laptop,flight tickets and my camera.
The insurance payed me back - but ever since I was looking for that camera . In the meantime I purchased a Minolta 404 (which I eventually gave as a gift to that friend), a vivtar 3000 and a Nikon D50 , but always wanting that old camera.
3 weeks ago I was walking in Tel Aviv and window shopping to pass the time and in one of the second hand camera shops to my joy I saw the vivtar V335 , and now i'm again the very happy owner of that camera
And of course I started taking pictures to refamiliarise myself with it this is what I got so far

18/12/2007 Reserve duty Golan 2007

My last resreve duty was start of this month here are some pictures.

25/11/2007 Gaelcon 2007 trip pictures

I know It's been some time since gaelcon but I just now had the time to work on the pictures taken in the con ..So here they are.

22/09/2007 Visit and non stop action

We had a visitor two week's back , a small dog named Bully (or booly) , he is a small three legged dog with the amout of energy that will light up the world if plugged to a dynamo. he has two modes Active and sleep. no in between.
Tenchi and him are good friends and had a lot of fun , here are some pictures of them playing here.

During one of my night walkes with tenchi I noticed this bird hiding in one of the bushes /trees along side the route we were walking so I decided to take some photos.

17/08/2007 Die hard 4 - so much bullshit

We just saw Die hard 4 last night and I was amazed at how much bullshit they put in that movie. first they kept MacLain in the same job -which is totaly idiotic , the guy proved on two seprate occations that he can detect and thwart major terrorist attempts with relative small casualty rates , and he is good at imprvosing on the field , Why the haven't they made him an instructor or draft him to the FBI or even NSA ? Second ,A guy that has made such accomplishments - and guys whom have been in law enforements all their lives - will know how he is and remember his face .third : no Stealth Jet has exterior weaponry and is a VTOL plane , how idiotic do they plan to be ? , not to mention the idea of the off site "Backup" location - such a sensetive place with only 3 armed guards ? no retina scanners , voice print Id and all the top of the line security ?, my god the movie has such big plot holes I can fly the Death Star through them .

9/07/2007 Photos from the Miluim

I've had a week of army training ,reserve duty .took some photos here.

29/05/2007 leaving the "nest"

After working for 3 years in the m-Wise/Atelis/Casino complex , I am finally leaving , and on my own terms.
I just handed over my letter of resignation and gave my one month notice. It wasn't easy , since leaving a job that isn't very demanding and is safe to go to a new start and having to prove yourself again is hard , but I believe it's the right thing to do.

29/05/2007 general stuff

We moved in to the new house three weeks ago, pictures will be posted soon .
In the weeks before the move we packed our books and many small things and moved them to the house to save work and not live on the boxes for too long - besides Tenchi wasn't very happy with all the boxes in his home.
So two days before we moved in with all our stuff I come over and find out we had a break in and things got stolen: Books, light fixtures, comics, a fan , Radio and Ikea drawer seperators .
I was most pissed/annoyed about the comics since most of them were the rare stuff that is hard to find , and amongst them is the signed leater bound Kingdom come linor bought me for the wedding .
I dont mind much about the rest , but that one I hurt's the most.
So my friends told me to put a wish list for things - as gifts, that I want .so here it is.
My Amazon Wish list, I know there is a camera there , but that one is on the list as a reminder for me , the comics are more for friends .

07/01/2007 Some house Writing

For those of you that are reading this place - I know there is not much written here in the last couple of months , but maybe that will change in the futuire ( don't hold your breath for it ). But like I said I wanted to write about the house we bought , I one floor house with a large garden and a basment. We are now in the process of fixing it up to the way we want the house to look like and make it habitable in modern days , it's a very old house - 50 years old, so we have to replace All the plumbing and the electicty not to mention the kitchen and the roof. As you can see it's a lot of work. and besides that we also have the garden to fix , and the basement.
even though i'm venting here we are very happy and looking forward to move to our own place .

07/01/2007 WAY delayed posting

I know these are posted in a very long time after they were taken , We took them in the morning after Warpcon 2006 at Garth place . To all of those involved in this abomination to comics , fantasy and transformer gods defense , it must be stated and repeated , these were taken in the morning after WARPCON ! , where no clear thought had a foot hold with in the minds of those involved. The thoughts of the early hungover

02/01/2007 The cutest thing

It's been a while but these pictures are just so cute that I had to share them with everyone The Cutest thing Gallery.

11/09/2006 The Trip to Scotland

I haven't wrote here for quite a while as the dates on the entries show , mostly cause i'm lazy and didn't bother to put anything new on the site , but this changed in the last two month .
first I was drafted to the war effort in lebanon ( i'll post some pictures of that time - the few I took , when and if I find them proper ), but when that was done I knew I had to take a vacation and so Uri and myself decided to do the trip we wanted to do last year - meaning the Malt whisky trail in Scotland .
we came back two days ago while our lugauge arrived only last night since it was delayed for a whole day by air france ( no more flying with them) in paris - we waited for the flight for 2 hours , and they couldn't transfer the bags to the plane in time). any way here are the pictures i've taken on the trip .