14/10/2004 Recipe :

This is a recipe for an odd Spaghetti sauce: Tuna and Pineapple.

1 Can of tuna ( or a fresh tuna 250 gr).
1 Can of Pineapple
Tomato sauce
Olive oil
1 Large onion

Order of making :
Take a deep frying pan and heat the olive oil ( Do not put too much - a thin layer to cover the surface should suffice )
Chop the olive and add to the oil , let it fry will it started to turn goldish then add the tuna .
When the tuna starts to darken slightly add the pineapple and lower the heat.
Let is simmer for 1 minute and then add the tomato sauce and spices .(pepper and salt)
Add 1/2 glass of water and keep on low flame . stir slowly for another 5 minutes till most of the water is gone .
Add to the Spaghetti and enjoy.
Added Cheese - to each is own but some is fine.